Gregg Popovich declared Leonard the best basketball player in the world.

So put the glowing red button in front of me, the one that reads, “Undo the Sale and Eaton trades?” and I’ll pass. Moncada is doing well in Triple-A, even if he’s a little aggressive, and Michael Kopech is still a rare member of the baseball bestiary. Lucas Giolito still has the pedigree and that new prospect smell. And this White Sox team probably isn’t good enough to give that all back.

Last week, Gregg Popovich declared Leonard the best basketball player in the world. LeBron James has been the popular choice for that designation since 2007, though Kevin Durant certainly would have been close to a plurality of the vote in 2011 and again in 2014. Stephen Curry might have overtaken LeBron for a few minutes this time last year. But otherwise, it’s been LeBron since he carried an overmatched Cavaliers roster to the NBA Finals in 2007.

If Kawhi has a case against LeBron and the other contenders, it’s because he is a so-called two-way player. (The other contenders consisting of Durant, two-time reigning MVP Curry, James Harden, and presumptive MVP Russell Westbrook.)

Durant is also a two-way player, though no one calls Nike NFL Jerseys 2014 him that. KD has been the Warriors’ best rim protector this season, erasing whatever concerns Golden State had about lacking a true center in most critical lineups. LeBron would be considered a two-way player if the Cavaliers didn’t have a bottom-10 defense this season and if he also weren’t the greatest playmaker of his generation.

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