The Clippers’ Season is Over. Here are 6 Predictions for What’s Next

Rivers said during the first round that he wants to bring the core back no matter what happens in the postseason, and he is the team’s general manager. Clearly, the team is leaning that way, assuming their free agents actually agree to it. (That might be a big assumption, or it might be a fair one. We’ll see.)

There’s one enormous, massive pitfall: It’s going to cost the GDP of a small country (say, Vatican City) to re-sign the team.

How much will it cost the Clippers to bring back their entire core?
This is where Los Angeles sits headed into the summer, without any of their free agents re-signed. Thanks to $32 million tied up in Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers, and Wesley Johnson (remember what we said just a minute ago about Doc Rivers, the general manager?), they’re already paying plenty this summer.

Trade assets. On Montreal’s side, we’re looking at the best netminder in the NHL. One of the faces of the league – a player who’s carried a franchise on his back. We’ve seen how important he is to Montreal…a player that no clever franchise would ever consider trading. Y’know, like PK Subban was.

On Arizona’s side, though, the basket is stacked. You want crafty NFL Jerseys From China experienced vets? Yotes have them in the likes of Shane Doan, Brad Richardson, even Alex Goligoski. You want young talent? How about Quebec’s own Anthony Duclair, Dylan Strome, Anthony DeAngelo, or any one of the raft of Coyotes draft picks.

Oh, yeah…draft picks. The Yotes have those, too. Minny’s this draft as well as their own in the first round, both likely to be in the top 20, and plenty going forward. There’s also the likes of Mike Smith, fellow Quebecer Louis Domingue in net too as a makeweight.

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