Tom Brady has logical reason why Super Bowl 51 wasn’t his best game ever

Tom Brady mounted one of the best comebacks in pro football history but doesn’t feel like his Super Bowl 51 performance was his best ever.

In a chat with MMQB’s Peter King, the Patriots quarterback explained why his performance wasn’t the best ever.

Rapoport’s report came after an anonymous scout offered his take on Mixon. The scout’s take was provided to MMQB’s Albert Breer:

“It needs to be the right market, a team that can handle the onslaught, the right PR staff, because you’ll have to weather the storm,” said one area scout assigned to the Sooners. “But the guy the Chiefs drafted [Tyreek Hill], Joe Mixon isn’t half the d—–bag that guy was. You’d have to search to find people that don’t like him. Maybe the parking-lot attendant. Everyone there loves him. And I believe them.”

Hill was drafted by the Chiefs despite pleading guilty to domestic assault and Cheap Jerseys Sites battery by strangulation on his pregnant girlfiend at the time. The parking-lot attendant the scout refers to is the incident Mixon had 2016 when he got in an altercation with one. He was suspended one game for his actions.

As for Mixon’s draft prospects, Breer responded to Rapoport’s report by saying, “many Cheap Jerseys To Design is an overstatement.” He believes there are plenty of teams willing to take a chance on the controversial back.

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