The most extreme example: Aaron Hernandez in 2010.

Hill was not invited to last year’s Combine; the Chiefs drafted him in the fifth round, a reminder that talent almost always prevents a player with such red flags from sliding all the way out of the draft.

The most extreme example: Aaron Hernandez in 2010.

Questions about his character, including several failed drug tests, dropped him from a likely first-round pick to the fourth, by the Patriots. His second murder trial (he was sentenced to life in prison for the first) began this week.

Clearly, decisions about taking or not taking a player with that kind of history can go either way. Just as clearly, the Ravens remain prepared to live with the consequences of taking them off their board, and the league so far is prepared to do the same with telling them to stay home from the Combine.

The consensus, though, appears to be one summed up by Mayock: “I really do believe the NFL was trying to do the right thing. But I think if we really think it through, I think there are better ways to deal with it.”

The Colts coach led his team to three straight 11-5 seasons and a trio of postseason berths after getting hired in 2012. The Colts advanced one step further in the playoffs each season as quarterback Andrew Luck progressed. Injuries to Luck and other key players resulted in the consecutive 8-8 Cheap Laker Jerseys Sale seasons as frustrations mounted.

“We make no excuses; 8-8 is not good enough,” Pagano said. “We’re going through that process now. We’re not done with that process of turning over every stone and looking at all the film. You can point to this, that and the other, but once we finalize all that stuff and make our assessment, what went wrong, what went right, we’re going to find out what our strengths were and try to accentuate those, find Cheap Miami Dolphins Jerseys out what are weaknesses are and try to strengthen those.

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