Ranking NFL coaching hires: 49ers can trump all with big last move

Then there was one.

While San Francisco is waiting patiently for the top head coaching candidate in 2017, Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, the NFL’s other five full-time vacancies have been filled.

Although several of the elevated coordinators were on everyone’s radar, a couple of teams Cheap Dodgers Jerseys provided a bit of a surprise with their hires. Who should feel the best about the move they just made?

Dickerson played when workhorses roamed the NFL. He saw significantly more touches, 441, to Elliott’s more modern 353. Elliott was fresh enough to get additional work; the Cowboys opted not to give it to him.

Elliott’s three backups, Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar, combined for 361 yards and three TDs. Dickerson’s No. 2, Barry Redden, had 372 and two, respectively. While that was a wash, consider Elliott shared a backfield with a quarterback who could run. Dak Prescott, SN’s Rookie of the Year runner-up, rushed for 282 yards and vultured six more scores from Elliott on the ground. That helps account for the gap in TDs.

Dickerson was terrific, and his records remain very hard to break. But Elliott’s production in a pass-happy league managed to be more impressive. The Cowboys could play old-school ball-control football because of him, and they rode him back to the top of the NFC East.

That’s the tiebreaker, because that strategy put Elliott right in the middle of the MVP conversation with a trio of elite veteran QBs, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan.

Elliott defied his era, and that should define his rookie year as being Cheap Eagles Jerseys unprecedented among running backs.

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