Yu Darvish was traded to the Dodgers and the internet went nuts

Rangers ace Yu Darvish is heading to Los Angeles. To the Dodgers, specifically (sorry, Angels). The trade was first reported right after the trade deadline in a hilariously straightforward tweet by Ken Rosenthal, and despite the endless rumors surrounding the trade, it still felt momentous once it finally went through.

The trade was a big move, and as soon as it was announced that the Dodgers won the Darvish sweepstakes, fans and players immediately reacted and made jokes about it.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for this particular homer, as the fan who caught the ball was a Pirates supporter and took no joy in catching it. He just turned and chucked it in the river that flows past PNC Park.

Huh: Instead of handing ball to any of several #Cardinals fans around him for their kids, guy who caught Gyorko HR chucks into in Allegheny.

This is not great on several levels, the foremost being that there was a whole slew of people around him that almost certainly would have taken that ball off of his hands. Especially kids, who are at games to have fun and create good memories with their parents. Catching a ball is one of the best kinds of childhood ballpark memories there is and they would not have cared if it didn’t fall directly into their hands but was passed on by another person.

Some people are highly superstitious about catching home runs that weren’t hit by their team, but even if that was the case here there’s more than one way to avoid taking the ball home with you. It’s Cheap Youth Baseball Jerseys not Echl Cheap Jerseys like once you touch a homer in the stands that ball has to stay with you forever because of some mysterious curse. Baseball has unwritten rules, that is not one of them.

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