The center position in the NBA is dying

More than two weeks into the 2017 NBA free agency period, nine centers have signed new contracts for a combined $145 million. Nine centers have combined to lock up a bit more guaranteed money than Jrue Holiday. Nine centers have combined to lock up $50 million less than Stephen Curry. Nine centers have combined to lock up $30 million less than Blake Griffin.

If the Davis and Cousins experiment doesn’t work out, the Pelicans will have committed a substantial amount of money and time to a point guard who isn’t getting any better and is just above average.

It’s a bit of a gamble to retain him, but the Pelicans are in an impossible situation where they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They just have to hope their big man combination blossoms into something special. If it does, keeping Holiday will pay off.

NBC and its partners have launched the 24/7 Olympic Channel on many U.S. cable systems. Why is this relevant to basketball? Next month, the Olympic Channel will broadcast every Dream Team game from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. A bunch of these were pay-per-view only back in the day. This going to be great. (And yes, I’m watching the heck out of some team handball while I’m at it.)

Every few years, a high-end recruit flirts with entering college a year early, throwing the recruiting world into chaos. This time, it’s Marvin Bagley III, the top 2018 recruit, who could potentially enroll at Duke or USC this season. That’d add another blue-chipper in what is expected to be a solid 2018 NBA draft.

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