Hell hath no fury like LeBron scorned

Since we have last met at this fine establishment, news has broken that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded away from Cavaliers, preferably to somewhere he can be the real centerpiece and not LeBron’s sidekick. I explain the whole situation right here.

What developed in Act II of this drama was quite interesting: It looks like LeBron might be the one framing all of this for us.

Stephen A. Smith reported Sunday that Kyrie’s camp believes LeBron leaked the trade request (which had been a couple of weeks old when revealed). That means that the framing of why Kyrie wants out came from LeBron’s camp. How interesting that a second narrative — that Kyrie wants to find better franchise stability — is beginning to crop out as Irving’s camp presumably reacts.

That would have been an even bigger pay cut than the one Durant took to facilitate Iguodala’s re-signing. That’s KD’s choice, but in a way he would have been even more hamstrung due to the NBA’s cap rules.

They still finished as the No. 13 offense last season, and that was with a half season missed by both Khris Middleton and Jabari Parker. Dellavedova is a quality off-ball fit for Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is best with the ball in his hands. Adding Rose would be adding another virtual non-shooter to a team that already has several, including their best player.

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