That’s part of the double-edged view of Kizer’s debut in the Browns’ 21-18 loss to the Steelers at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Dalton’s traditional numbers were ugly, too, but remember that Total QBR condenses much more information into a single number than, say, regular passer rating. It considers things such as how credit should be divided among teammates, the down and distance on a quarterback’s action plays, the strength of the opposing defense, the rushing contributions of a quarterback and whether plays occur in garbage time. For Dalton, it all added up to disaster on Sunday. But at least he can now say he’s on a list with Peyton Manning.

Below we’ll count down the five worst single-game QBR performances since 2006 among starters who had at least 20 action plays in their contests.

Skelton took over for an injured Kevin Kolb in midseason and had started two contests in 2011 before his fateful clash with the Niners that November. Fifteen of Skelton’s 20 action plays that day had a negative expected points value, though none could compare to his first-quarter interception.

Kizer (20 of 32, 222 yards, 2 TDs, INT) played well enough that Browns fans should be excited to see more considering he took division-favorite Pittsburgh to the wire. Kizer, however, took seven sacks and several more hits like the one Shazier delivered. If Kizer can stay upright, the Browns might have something here down the road.

Kizer after the game showed the poise that helped him win the starting job over Brock Osweiler and Cody Kessler. He stood at his postgame press conference in blue blazer, jeans and a beige T-shirt. He didn’t over-react to the line of questioning about how those hits added up. He responded in the same tone.

“Back in college, I was running a power running game from the quarterback position Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys so I was used to taking hits,” Kizer said. “Obviously, now at this level, it is my job to be out there for my Cheap Jerseys With Numbers teammates, and in order to do so, you have to try to limit as many hits as possible.”

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