Jets QB Teddy Bridgewater got the No. 5 jersey after Christian Hackenberg was shipped to Oakland.

ESPN’s Football Power Index calls the Patriots the favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Whether due to elbow grease or loose lips, the incentive now exists to figure out who in the NFL has burner accounts, and to expose them.

And I can say that because I don’t have, never have had, and never will have a burner account. Oh, I’ve considered it. But thanks to 12 years of Catholic education, I’m conditioned to believe that I’ll always get caught — and that I’ll eventually burn in a lake of fire for all eternity because of it.

Lions want LeGarrette Blount to “put a little bit more stress on the defense”

Adding a competent run game to an often potent passing attack would certainly stress out defenses, but May optimism about better days on the ground has gone unrealized often enough that Detroit will remain in wait and see mode a while longer.

Of course, Miller has a new pupil to work with throughout the year, as Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids the Broncos invested the fifth overall pick in Bradley Chubb.

“He reminds me of myself,” Miller said. “It’s cool to pay it forward and tell him some of the same stuff that DeMarcus [Ware] and Elvis [Dumervil] told me.”

Miller’s hoping Chubb can make his event, but has plenty of knowledge to share throughout the year. He’s eighth among active players in sacks with 83.5, in seven seasons.

The NFLPA and its players protesting racist cops (of all colors) was and remains highly and sadly selective in that they ignore the dozens of daily and nightly murders of minorities by minorities and the inability of police to solve the crimes lest those who cooperate risk their own murder and/or the retaliatory targeting of family members, reminiscent of enforcement codes in Nazi Germany. Such protesters don’t seem to grasp — or prefer to ignore — the skewed logic of it all.

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