Rob Gronkowski had a really nice day at the Belmont Stakes.

We combined Bill Belichick and Tony La Russa NBA Jerseys For Sale to make the most brilliant, unlikable coach ever.

If he were asking me, I’d say he should go. It’s a great honor and to be a part of the reverence of the others in the hall and share that with them is special.

Owens early in his career told me about the father he never knew who lived across from him on his Alabama street. He talked affectionately about the grandmother who primarily raised him. He talked about her strict rules: As a child he could play in the yard, ride his bike on the sidewalk in front of the house, but never wander beyond. He was forced to stay close to home. This was the way to keep him safest, his grandmother insisted.

Look, I understand I deserve 0 percent of your sympathy as a Patriots fan. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been some regrettable moments, even in the Brady-Belichick era.

The worst came when the Giants derailed New England’s hopes of a historic 19-0 season (which also would have given us all reason to forget geriatric attention-seeker Mercury Morris exists). While everyone points to David Tyree’s insane, physics-defying helmet catch, the real game changer came one play earlier.

On second-and-5, Eli Manning overthrew Tyree on a deep out, lofting a ball to the outstretched arms of Patriot cornerback Asante Samuel. Samuel was a first-team All-Pro who made seven interceptions that season. This was not one of them. A game-ending pick caromed off his hands, Tyree redeemed himself, and the only thing I have left to be thankful for from this game is that Twitter didn’t exist yet. — Christian D’Andrea

This was also the game that yielded the audio smoking gun of Gregg Williams’ bounty scandal. Ginn got his knee injured and couldn’t return punts in the NFC Championship Game the following week, forcing Kyle Williams into that role. Williams would then proceed to fail to get out of the way of one punt — and, unlike Lloyd Christmas, he NFL Jerseys Free Shipping did not totally redeem himself when in overtime he fumbled away another one, setting the Giants up for a chip shot field goal and the wrong team representing the NFC in Super Bowl XLVI. — Alex Rubenstein

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